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Emergency Nurses Week: How Mountain Ice Can Relieve the Physical Demands of Nursing

Nurses know that their jobs are difficult and physically painful, requiring long hours that can create the potential for both acute and chronic injury. The hospital industry reports the second-highest number of injuries in the private sector on a yearly basis.


Physical and Emotional Demands of Nursing

The Physical Toll of Nursing

Nursing is a fast-paced occupation that requires long hours of physical labor and often a high volume of patients to see. It's no surprise that the working conditions can exacerbate and cause physical problems and injury:

  • 56 percent of nurses have experienced musculoskeletal pain caused or worsened by their jobs.
  • Only 64 percent of nurses say that patient lifting and transferring devices are readily available in their workspace.
  • In studies, 33 percent of nurses report developing plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the connective tissues of the foot) after becoming a nurse.
  • 11 percent of nurses have been physically assaulted at work.

Other aspects of nursing can contribute to injuries: extremely long shifts, often upwards of 12 hours, cause both physical and mental fatigue, as well as the potential for accidents. Regularly changing hours cause sleep disturbance, which inhibits your body's ability to heal, and they can also present an obstacle to maintaining the proper diet your body needs. A high stress level associated with nursing can worsen all of these problems, as well.

How Mountain Ice Can Help

Whatever aches and pains your nursing job has been causing you, Mountain Ice can help!


Mountain Ice has been proven to alleviate chronic pain and stiffness, as well as improve mobility, from a wide spectrum of conditions that include osteoarthritis and chronic overuse injuries. Our all-natural ingredients work together in a unique formulation that penetrates deep into the muscles and joints to handle pain at its source. Mountain Ice improves blood flow and circulation, relaxes muscles and tendons, and soothes inflammation and pain. Get the relief you need to help your patients with Mountain Ice!


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