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Introducing the Mountain Ice 7-Day Challenge!

Introducing Mountain Ice 7-Day Challenge: Pain Relief Without Pills





Mountain Ice, the new leading brand of topical pain relief gels, is playing a large role in decreasing the use of prescription opioids across the local region. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many patients decreasing or stopping the use of their pain medications for their ailments.



Marty Zarnock Jr., the founder and creator of Mountain Ice, developed a seven-day challenge that offers pain sufferers a chance to try Mountain Ice and replace their arthritis and joint pain medications for one week.



“Our mission is to help over 1,000,000 people relieve their ailments without the use of pain medications for one week” Zarnock says. “We have seen great success in patients feeling relief with Mountain Ice, and in turn have naturally decreased their use of pain medicines.”



Zarnock says that ultimately, the goal is to alleviate patients’ arthritis pain and inflamed joints through safe, all-natural ingredients that work. “Mountain Ice targets pain directly at the source, with no harmful side effects. We hope to change many lives with this challenge, and help those suffering with chronic pain to get back to feeling their best.”



A seven-day packet supply of Mountain Ice is available for purchase online at, along with our full-sized products.