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Mountain Ice Case Studies Prove Decrease in Opioid Crisis

Mountain Ice, the new leading brand of topical pain relief gels, is playing a large role in decreasing the use of prescription opioids across the local region. A local nursing home has conducted case studies on six different patients in their facility. One woman in particular, saw incredible success in the reduction of her opioid usage in just two months.


A 95-year-old woman at a local nursing home, had a long history of knee pain, osteoarthritis, and many other physical ailments that caused her to begin using prescription opioids to help manage her pain. Before using Mountain Ice, her opioid use had reached 28 pills total in the month of June, along with additional 500mg of acetaminophen. On Thursday, June 27, 2019, she began using Mountain Ice on her knees, hips, and back, and applying the gel three to four times a day.



According to nursing documentation, spanning across a three-month period in which this patient used Mountain Ice for one and a half to two months, this woman reduced the use of narcotics from practically daily, down to once a month. This nursing home reported that there was minimal discomfort when ambulating her knee. The use of Mountain Ice resulted in the gradual decrease in her opioid use from 28 pills in June 2019, 21 pills in July 2019, and down to one pill throughout the entire month of August.


Mountain Ice continues to grow and see incredible success because of its unique formula that makes this product the leader in topical pain relief gels. The all-natural ingredients in Mountain Ice work together to reduce chronic pain by targeting the pain directly at the source, with no harmful side effects. Mountain Ice is available for purchase online at