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Mountain Ice Releases New Airless Pump Bottle

With the exponential success of the Mountain Ice tubes, we are excited to announce the release of our new Mountain Ice Airless Pump Bottles.



Containing the same powerful gel as our tubes, our 30 ML Mountain Ice Airless Pump Bottle is portable, compact, and perfect for on-the-go individuals and travelers. This product is an easy and convenient way to fight pain no matter where you are. Our airless pump also allows for quick application, and measures the right amount of gel with no mess! It is light-weight, and provides the same healing power as our tubes.


Stephanie H., of Clinton NY, was the first to try our airless pump on her arthritic knee and found positive results. “I travel a lot, and while sitting on a plane or in the car for any long length of time, my knee often becomes stiff and sore” said Stephanie. “I was using sample packets of Mountain Ice to bring with me on trips, as they were easy to pack and carry, but now, I carry the pump bottle with me everywhere; it holds the right amount of gel for me, and it is convenient to grab and apply.”


Mountain Ice continues to grow and see incredible success because of its unique formula that makes this product the leader in topical pain relief gels. Many patients suffering from chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis have incorporated Mountain Ice into their daily routines and are able to fully function. Due to the all-natural ingredients in Mountain Ice, patients who were using prescription pain medications have stopped or have significantly reduced their use.

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