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Reinventing Pain Relief: A Conversation with Martin Zarnock Jr.

You may have seen recent newspaper articles about Mountain Ice and its creator, Martin Zarnock Jr., or you may have read about him on our own site, but there's even more to the story of Mountain Ice's creation. To learn more about the inspiration behind Mountain Ice and the feedback we've received, read on!


Martin Zarnock Jr Mountain Ice

1. What inspired you to create Mountain Ice? What was the process of developing it like?

I have been thinking about creating a product that can relieve arthritis, joint and muscle pain for few years now. I've tried all most all the OTC (over-the-counter) products on the market and I felt I could create something better. If I was going to do it, it had to be right. I knew the natural ingredients I wanted to use, I just had to figure the perfect combination to make the product effective at treating and relieving pain. After a dozen failed attempts, I finally had a formula I thought was perfect and felt I had something great and I could put my name behind it.  After that I worked on getting FDA approval and creating the packaging, and shortly after Mountain ice Pain Gel was born.

2. What makes Mountain Ice different from competitors?

I believe Mountain Ice is much different than other topical pain reliving gel on the market today. Mountain Ice has taken the active ingredient of menthol and combined powerful natural plants and extracts to create a specially designed formula that reaches pain at the source. Mountain Ice absorbs into the skin directly to reach the pain source fast, whereas most other gels just sit on top of the skin and numb the pain with lidocaine. The Mountain Ice formula creates the perfect blend of rich ingredients formulated to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and promote better muscle and joint healing.

3. What is the importance of Mountain Ice containing all-natural ingredients?

The natural ingredients are no accident or marketing tool. Each ingredient plays a key role in relieving pain. For example: Menthol enlarges the blood vessels and acts as a vehicle for the other ingredients to reach the pain area. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant to the joints. Arnica helps reduce swelling and increase mobility to the affected joints. Camphor improves blood circulation and helps detoxify the muscle tissue. Chondroitin sulfate enhances shock-absorbing properties of collagen and helps retain cartilage water. Lastly, Hyaluronic acid rejuvenates moisture by binding water to the skin cells while lubricating the joints. That is why Mountain Ice, I believe, is vastly superior to other products on the market today.

4. Have you received any notable or valuable feedback from patients or medical professionals on Mountain Ice?

The feedback we've received for Mountain Ice Pain Gel has been overwhelmingly great. There is nothing more gratifying than to hear a doctor tell you stories of patients that haven't felt that much pain relief in years. People suffering form chronic pain that can now sleep through the night pain-free. The true reward is knowing that something you created is helping people feel better and live a more comfortable life with less pain.

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