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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $30

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+1 (888) 687-4334

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What are People Saying About Mountain Ice?

Mountain Ice has taken the pain relief market by storm, and we're amazed at the response! Take a look below at what some of our customers are saying about Mountain Ice!

Why is Mountain Ice Better

“Mountain Ice is truly a miracle worker. I have hip and joint pain constantly, but with putting Mountain Ice on, I go pain free for days at a time and am able to enjoy my life without pain again!” – Jim R.


“Mountain Ice has proven to be a lifesaver on my shoulders. I suffer from severe pain in my upper back and shoulder area, but with Mountain Ice, the pain is gone within minutes. I’ve never used anything else like this!” – Tom S.


“I was skeptical to try Mountain Ice at first, as I was a user of BioFreeze, and that didn’t seem to work for me. But, Mountain Ice has proven to be extremely different.  My back pain is gone within minutes and lasts all throughout my day and evening. This stuff works!” – Scott Y.


“I used Mountain Ice for my arthritis pain in my knees and after a few applications, I was able to kneel, garden, and enjoy all of my summer outdoor activities without worrying about knee pain!” – Gladys Z.


“Mountain Ice has been wonderful in treating my rib pain, and in treating my headaches! I highly recommend anyone who struggles with any type of pain to use this. It works!” – Lisa H.


Purchase your own tube of Mountain Ice today! Why wait until your pain becomes unbearable? Mountain Ice can also be used a preventative treatment to catch the pain before it even starts! Click here to order now, or call us at 1-888-687-4334! 


Please speak with your doctor before using Mountain Ice, especially if you are pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children.