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Dear Sufferer,

Picture this:
You rise with the sun, and for the first time in forever, there's no pain greeting you.

That's not just a dream.

It's the future I'm determined to give you with Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel.

My journey to create Mountain Ice is a tale of hope and perseverance, deeply rooted in my family's legacy of caring. My father, a brave Vietnam veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division, ignited my passion for healthcare. Together, we ventured into the world of medical supplies, providing comfort to nursing homes.

Then came a twist of fate. What seemed like a setback in our careers turned into a beacon of opportunity. In 2002, Mountainside Medical Equipment, Inc. emerged, transforming our small family business into a beacon of trust in medical supplies.

Fast forward to March 8th, 2019. The launch of Mountain Ice wasn't just a new product; it was the embodiment of my personal mission. Years in the healthcare industry showed me the glaring need for truly effective pain relief. And I was set on bridging that gap.


Mountain Ice is a symphony of innovation. It melds cooling menthol with nature's finest plant extracts, offering a formula that's not just unique but life-changing. It's crafted for lasting relief, embraced by athletes, doctors, and those battling chronic pain.

Join the 50,000+ pain-free customers who have found solace in our solution.

As a Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, our ethos at Mountainside Medical Equipment is unwavering: quality and care above all. Every tube of Mountain Ice is a testament to this promise – a pledge from my heart to yours, for a life liberated from pain.

You deserve to embrace each day
in its full glory, unburdened by pain.

 With Mountain Ice, I'm here to
turn that possibility into your reality.

Warmest regards, 
Martin Zarnock Jr.
Founder of Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel

It doesn’t matter if…

  • You've tried countless other pain relief methods
  • You're skeptical about topical treatments
  • You've been dealing with pain for years
  • You're concerned about side effects
  • You think it's too late to find a solution

This Has Nothing To Do With:

  • Your age
  • The severity of your pain
  • Previous unsuccessful treatments
  • Long-term medication reliance
  • Belief that pain is an inevitable part of aging

No, You Won't Have To:

  • Wait weeks to feel the effects
  • Suffer through side effects
  • Spend a fortune on treatments
  • Rely on prescription medication
  • Give up on your active lifestyle

Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel

Mountain Ice is the missing link to finally:

  • Experience immediate pain relief
  • Reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Stimulate blood flow and circulation
  • Improve joint flexibility and mobility
  • Heal your skin from within
  • Support your best healing efforts
    with 100% natural ingredients

Experience Immediate Pain Relief in Just Minutes



Pain-free customers!


Rated 4.9/5 based on 4909+ Reviews.


"I used Mountain Ice and my knee pain disappeared in minutes!" - Lucy D.


"I can play golf again without shoulder pain. It's amazing!" - Scott T.


"I'm walking without knee pain for the first time in years!" - Cathy R.

Real Stories, Real Relief

See the Proof in Our Praise:
Over 4462+ 5-Star Testimonials

Based on 5118 reviews

No bad smell. Icy feeling provides a moderate amount of pain relief

Such Relief

Great product wish I would have found it sooner!! Customer forever!

Pain Type: Fibromyalgia arthritis menopause pain osteoporosis
Mountain ice

This is alot stronger than icy hot n helps alot you should definitely give it a try you will love it n not expensive priced right too and owned by a veteran that definitely knows what he or she is doing great product for pain or arthritis sore muscles or any pain or discomfort

Don't feel any difference with this product.

Pain Type: See above
Dad’s aches and pains

My father will be 87 this year. He’s struggled a sciatica, osteo arthritis in knee and pain in calf. This penetrates well and is so helpful. Especially at night

It helps to alleviate pain fairly quickly

Pain Type: Pain I hands and fingers
Mountain ice gel

I ordered it for my husband qwho is a Vietnam vet and has pain in hands and fingers lHe said Doctor told him it’s carpal tunnel. He tried it and said he had nonrelief

Pain Type: General muscle and joint pain….the usual getting old complaints😋!
Mountain Ice

Mountain Ice was very easy to order and love using PayPal! REALLY fast delivery. Works great. Was recommended by a friend of ours. ..also found it is recommended by several locals…chiropractors and physical therapists in our area …we also like that we are isupporting a fairly local, family owned company.

Elderly mother able to do such more now!

I had ordered this for my elderly mother who suffers terribly with lower back pain. I order the roll on deciding it would be easier for her to apply. After her first application she was astonished at the relief she received from using Mountain Ice. Her relief lasts approximately 5 hours and she applies at bedtime and has been getting really good sleep since using. She placed an order herself a couple of days ago. She was grateful to have found out about your product and the discount of buying 3 and getting the fourth free. You have a very satisfied customer and I have a mother who is suffering much much less and able to do more things now. Thank you!

Pain Type: General arthritis joint pain. Had a total hip replacement in July 2023.
New customer

I am really loving this product on my knees and shoulder joint issues. I am even rubbing it on my husband's lower back. I will plan to keep using this product.

Pain Type: Mostly muscle and joint, probably from aging

I used this for a sprain in my ankle that never healed (going on 9 months) and on my husband's back muscles. Both of us have nothing but good things to say about this product and have recommendations it to others.
I used it daily for a few days then cut back to every other day. I started with sample packs, but will be purchasing a larger tube.

Pain Type: Arthuritis pain in my knee's and leg's.
Best pain reliever on the Market!!

I have tried almost everything for the pain in my legs and knee's and nothing worked, it was getting so I could hardly walk, I tried Mountain Ice and it is the best pain reliever on the market. I can walk better and have no pain in my leg's and knee's. I will be reordering again the first of the month. Mountain Ice is a life saver.

Product great! Support questionable. You were supposed to send me a free bottle before I ordered my additional 3 bottles. Still waiting.

Pain Type: plantar facitis
Wonderful product!

I am very impressed by not only the pain relief, but the length of time the relief lasts. This is far superior to all other products I have tried.

Pain Type: foot pain
[eBook] Pain Guide: Neuropathy & Arthritis

Lots of good information. A bit too much repetition for my liking

Pain Type: Back

To be honest I have not used it yet.

Pain Type: Old knees and hip surgery
It works for me

I purchased the sample packs of Mountain Ice. I’ve found it to work great on my knee and thigh. My wife used over wrist and also said it worked great. I already ordered a tube and roll-on. I gave my PT a sample pack as well as the pamphlet from the order. He used on one of his staff (knee) and they liked it as well. Good stuff

Pain Type: Knee pain

[eBook] Understanding Pain: Neuropathy & Arthritis

Pain Type: Neck pain

It helped my neck pain. Would buy again.

Pain Type: Low back pain

Mountain Ice was an awesome product. Pain went away within minutes

Pain Type: Knee

It seems to be working

Pain Type: Arthritis
Excellent product!

I use the roll-on product for my knees (both have been replaced) and my shoulder which is bone on bone…relief has been consistent!

Pain Type: Nerve/arthritic pain
My new "go-to"...

For the past several years I have been using a cbd roll on for nerve pain in my thumb. I saw an ad for Mountain Ice and gave it a,whirl...WOW! It works quickly and lasts much longer than the other product. I will definitely be using Mountain Ice from now on. Thanks!!

Pain Type: Diabetic neuropathy
Love this product

I started using Mountain Ice a couple of years ago on my feet for nerve pain. It works great for me.


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FREE eBook "Understanding Pain"
by Leo Haynes 
(worth $19.95)

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Yours today for only:


Money-back Relief Guarantee

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+ all mayor credit cards

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