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4 Things a Physical Therapist Can Do That Your Doctor Can't

Imagine this: you are training for a marathon, when suddenly, you're hit with sharp pain around your knee. You rest for a while, take some anti-inflammatory pain medication, but the pain does not subside. What should you do? Who should you see? 


It's always a good idea to consult your doctor or better yet, a physical therapist. Physical therapists can help treat injuries and ease joint pain, but they can also help you become more fit and increase your overall health. In other words, a physical therapist can help guide your team of experts - your personal trainer, nutritionist, and doctor - towards your fitness goals. 


Physical therapists are trained to recognize postural distortion patterns and other habits that can put you at risk for injury - especially when participating in sports activities. Physical therapists are movement specialists who are trained to keep the musculoskeletal system healthy. They are educated to specifically recognize postural habits and biomedical disadvantages of each person's unique body. 


But, what how exactly can you benefit from having a physical therapist on your healthcare team? Read more below about what physical therapists can do for you that your doctor can't!



1. Asses Your Risk of Injury

As you see your primary care physician for your annual check-up, you should also see a physical therapist to receive a full movement screening and postural assessment. Movement screens can let you know where your weaknesses are, and where it's most important to focus your efforts. A physical therapist can see subtle postural habits that could predispose you to injury depending on your activity. Being aware of these habits, in addition to knowing how to work on them, gives you the tools to help stay injury free. 


2. Finding the Best Types of Workouts For You

Physical therapists gather all of your information from prior surgeries, diets, lifestyle, body type, body mechanics, and posture to determine what activities and exercises would be best for you. A physical therapist can spot muscle imbalances, range of motion, and alignment issues, and can make recommendations accordingly.


3. Shorten Recovery Time

Many physical therapists will recommend massage or compression socks, pants or sleeves to help with recovery, in addition to foam rolling and mobility work. But, that's not all. Physical therapists are now recommending our brand of topical pain relief gel, Mountain Ice! Mountain Ice is an all natural, topical pain relief gel that targets pain directly at the source. Many physical therapists recommend this as a safe alternative to pain medication, and have even begun to incorporate massaging Mountain Ice during treatment on their patients.


Mountain Ice can aid in having a shorter recovery time from injuries, simply by helping to release the stiffness in your neck and back. Due to the unique, natural ingredients, physical therapists have also realized that Mountain Ice is taking the rehab world by storm because it improves blood flow and helps detoxify muscle tissue.


4. Correct Your Alignment and Posture Issues

If you're feeling stiff in your neck or back, or have areas of weakness and fatigue, physical therapists can help diagnose the problem and pinpoint specific issues. They will also provide advice on how to deal with the pain and recommend exercises to help control it. Physical therapists may also suggest a Mountain Ice massage - where they massage the tissue with Mountain Ice gel as they place it through its normal pattern of movement. This is to remind the brain how to move correctly and without pain again. 


Ultimately, seeing a physical therapist will save you time, money, and pain. An ounce of prevention and treatment can help you stay fit, healthy, and out of pain, all while reducing your risk of developing illnesses and injuries. You can purchase your own tube of Mountain Ice here, or by calling 1-888-687-4334! 

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