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Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel for arthritis and joint pain relief


Since the release of Mountain Ice Pain Gel, by Mountainside Medical Equipment, the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive.  We've heard of the effects Mountain Ice is having "remarkable results" and in some cases, life-changing.  We attribute our success to the rich natural blend that we developed, that goes beyond just numbing the pain.  We truly love helping people reduce their pain, and improving their quality of life.  We appreciate the support and will continue to bring innovative products to the forefront.  Thank you! 

A few testimonials from actual customers

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Pain Type: Neuropathy/arthritis in feet, lower legs.
Best Ever Pain Topical!

Mountain Ice can be rubbed on my legs, feet at night, can get a comfortable night’s rest. Same procedure used in the morning….same all day comfort.
Will be ordering more tubes.

Pain Type: ARthritis

I have used it on my knees for arthritis. Find it helps some. use it twice aday.

Pain Type: Arthritic knees for me and neuropathy for my husband. He also uses it on his hands and fingers.
Pain Relief for both!

Wonderful pain relieving medicine. A soothing feeling after several hours.

Pain Type: Arthritis
Great pain relief

I have osteoarthritis of the SI joint, this Gel is amazing at taking away the pain and giving me pain relief for several hours at a time. Highly recommend this product

Pain Type: neuropathy in feet
Mountain Ice Pain Relief

I have a Neuropathy diagnosis with bad pain during the night especially in the top of my feet. I have tried Mountain Ice with great success and can honestly say when I apply it within 3 to 4 minutes the stabbing pain goes away and I am able to get back to sleep. I have told my Dr. how much it has helped me. Thank you so much for developing a product that does work!

Pain Type: Sciatic nerve with hyper sensitivity and arthritis pain

The first time I used Mountain Ice I couldn’t believe how well it worked! Nothing else that I’ve used could compare! So glad I tried this!

This stuff is the real deal !

I'm on my feet 8-15 hours a day during Baseball season . Being my age ,I feel pains a lot sooner so when I'm hurting ,I just rub some of this Mountain Ice into whereever is ailing ne and within no time...I'm l my way to feeling loose and relaxed. Only drawback I could find about this amazing gel is that it doesn't come as a roll on applicator . Be that as it may ...This really works!

Pain Type: Burning and aching feet
Burning feet

I occasionally have problems with aching and burning feet. I was looking online and ran across this product. I was hooked with the natural ingredients and decided to give it a try. I have used the product a couple times and each time it helped with the burning and aching. I was also surprised with the smooth silky like feeling it left behind. I was expecting it to be more like an extra coating or sticky feeling but it wasn’t. The only issue I had was the over powering minty smell. But overall I loved the product.

Pain Type: Lower back
Great product

Mountain Ice relieved my back pain quickly. It works very well.

Pain Type: Arthritis and neuropathy

This is a good product. It works fast and smells great. I like the fact I do not have to worry about strong chemicals.

Pain Type: Lower back pain

Mountain Ice All Natural Pain Relieving Gel 4oz.

Pain Type: recovering from a minor ankle sprain in left foot and plantar fasciitis on right heel.

I ordered the Mountain Ice for my husband who is on his feet all the time with his work. He began developing severe heel pain and was actually maxing out on NSAID's and Tylenol, so finding this product was a God send. He uses the Mountain Ice before work and is able at times to apply on his lunch break. He has said it has helped tremendously. And I can also say it has helped me as well with nagging neck and shoulder pain. It works well and rubs in very quickly as well, no greasy/oily residue. We are so happy with the product we ordered 3 more tubes and got a fourth for free. Best part is- not only does it work very well but it is all natural too, a win/win. So now my husband has cut way back on the NSAID's and Tylenol, which we are happy about and he is way more comfortable at work another win! Thank You Mountain Ice.

Pain Type: Neuropathy
It works well!

I bought this mainly for neuropathy in my feet and it offers some relief for that but it is also great for the minor aches and pains in other parts of the body as well. It has a strong odor to it.

Pain Type: Pain running down my leg

Very pleased with the product. It really helps me.

Mountain Ice Sports Recovery Muscle Therapy Gel 4oz Tube

Works great, I can sleep!!

Pain Type: Neuropathy and arthritis.
Mountain Ice Review

Neuropathy pain sometimes makes it hard to fall asleep. I have been using Mountain Ice on my feet for about a week now and it has helped reduce the pain.

Pain Type: Nerve pain
Soreness relief

My feet have been very sore lately and this Mountain Ice has been very helpful.

Pain Type: Joint pain
Love this product

I use Mountain Ice daily! Helps keep me moving!

Mountain Ice All Natural Pain Relief Gel - Airless Pump Bottle 30 mL

Pain Type: Knee pain
Mountain Ice

It has helped me out so much. I am happy that my therapist told me about it. I just love it. Thank you so much.

Pain Type: Neuropathy and arthritis

Mountain Ice works amazingly well for my diabetic neuropathy and general arthritis. I don’t need to take pain medication to get things to calm done.

Pain Type: Arthritis
My mother says this helps!

I gave this to my mom, who has arthritis in her hip and her leg hurts. She was surprised at how much it helps! She likes the cooling feeling of the gel and also that the scent, which is like a pleasant menthol, is undetectable after the first few minutes. She says Mountain Ice does help.

Pain Type: Arthritis, Nerve Pain, Rotator Cuff Tears
My Mother is Sleeping Much Better

We were a bit skeptical about a new cream/gel at first since we've tried so many already on the market. From Blue Emu, Biofreeze, Lidocaine, even CBD topical cream, and etc. But nothing has really helped mother to sleep better than Mountain Ice! We're very happy with the purchase so far and my mother has the cream next to her bedside for easy reach every night. Thank you, Mountain Ice!

Pain Type: Back pain, arthritis pain
Great Product

I love this ! I used it on back pain and it relived my pain.