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Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel for arthritis and joint pain relief


Since the release of Mountain Ice Pain Gel, by Mountainside Medical Equipment, the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive.  We've heard of the effects Mountain Ice is having "remarkable results" and in some cases, life-changing.  We attribute our success to the rich natural blend that we developed, that goes beyond just numbing the pain.  We truly love helping people reduce their pain, and improving their quality of life.  We appreciate the support and will continue to bring innovative products to the forefront.  Thank you! 

A few testimonials from actual customers

Based on 3883 reviews
Pain Type: arthritis in knee joints
health care worker

excellent product would recommend to everyone I now and work with great job

We Share Most Things

My husband has nephropathy and I have arthritis. After I rub his back with Mountain Ice, I use the excess on my hands to give my thumbs a good rub. Works wonders for both of us. We love it. We have ordered 2 times now and got extra tubes the last time, don't want to run out.

Pain Type: neuropathy
Best of Best!!

I was thinking I was wasting my money again! But what a wonderful prize. This is the best that I have tried, and I've tried a lot. And will for sure be buying more.

Works well

Hubby has nerve pain to his leg due to a traumatic injury 15 years ago. He'd tried similar products without much relief. I found this at a local pharmacy and it worked really well. We decided to order more online to make sure he could continue to obtain pain relief.

Pain Type: arthritis
what a relief!

This gel provides relief before and after I run. I apply on both knees and experience less pain during this exercise. It is amazing! And, whenever either my wife or I experience any pain we simply apply it to area experiencing discomfort. It works! I highly recommend it.

Pain Type: Knee , muscle pain around shoulders.
Recovery muscle relief

Use it on my knees when running or after long hikes. Also use on shoulder muscles after upper body workouts. Feel relief almost instantly. Definitely recommend!

Pain Type: Diabetic neuropathy and swelling from heart issues.
Awesome Relief!

I’m on my feet 8 or more hours at work with only a 20 kin break. I suffer from type 2 diabetes which causes pain in my feet. Most days I was just elevating my feet after work and waiting for the pain to go away. I got the Mountain Ice a few weeks back and started using it on my foot and ankle. The pain goes away pretty much on contact and lasts for a few hours. It really helps me feel better until the pain subsides on its own with the elevation. Grab some off this product and give it a try!

Pain Type: Muscle pain in the legs
Mountain ice sports recovery muscle therapy

My first time w the sports recovery muscle therapy and like it very much. Used your other product but fine that the sports recovery muscle therapy is better for me. I have muscle problems in my legs and in the short time using your product I have found relief. I’m able to walk better and the pain in my leg is gone.

Helped, but odor so strong I could't sleep.

Pain Type: Back and Plantar Fasciitis
Love Mountain Ice

This is my 3rd order. This time I order the Sports Recovery Muscle Therapy Gel and the original Mountain Ice roller ball and the gel. Love the original for my back pain and the Sports Recovery for my ankles. All great products. I have recommended them to family members , they love them too.

Pain Type: Back pain
Mountain ice

Yes, I was very satisfied.

Pain Type: Knee pain and swelling and ankle pain

Finally felt pain relief in knee.


This product really helps with inflation pain. Legs , back and feet.

Pain Type: Neuropathy and knee pain
Muscle pain relief

This stuff is good for the whole family my mom uses it on her knees to help her get around better!!

Mountain Ice - Pain Relieving Gel, 4oz. 3+1 Free

Pain Type: Muscle ache after gardening
Green tube

Pleasant smell. I like how easily it goes on and seems to ease aches I like it.

Pain Type: Nerve Pain
Helps with nerve pain

I had shingles on my head 5 years ago and have Post Herpetic Neuralgia. I used the roll on from Mountain Ice and I must say it really helps to relieve the pain.

Pain Type: Surgical Neuropathy/muscle pain
MT. Ice

I think it helps neuropathy some. I use it 2 times a day. Works great for muscle soreness. I have surgical neuropathy in my left foot so I don’t know how much it would help diabetic neuropathy.

Pain Type: Nuropothy on feet & hands.
Successful use of Mt Ice

I have been using My Ice for almost a year twice a day. It gives me total comfort and especially at night when I go to bed. It has allowed me to sleep thru the night. Granted, it is part a combination of gabapentin & Alpha Lipoic Acid. But I know for a fact Mt Ice is the main reason for my comfort .

Pain Type: Neurapathy, arthritis knee and ankle pain
Roll on

I like this product. I have used several others; this seems to work well

Pain Type: Knee pain
Great product

I would've given it a 5-star today but I am only 1 week into using the product. So far it has helped my pain a ton. I will be back to give a 5-star if it continues to work for my knees. What I found is if you put it on right after a shower/bath it works its best at that point. Guessing the pores on my skin are a little more open at that time.

Pain Type: Neuropathy in my feet and osteoarthritis, joint pain
Love the Gel

It really works for me it helps me to sleep and rest better at night it's a life saver for me !!! Love It...🥰❤

Pain Type: Muscular from strenuous workouts
Love this product

Mountain ice works so well and the cooling effect lasts a long time. It smells great too. I discovered it at a race and since bought 2 liters - one for home and 1 to share with workout friends

Mountain Ice Sports Recovery Muscle Pain Relief Gel Roll-on 3 oz

Pain Type: Arthritis & muscle

Fast service, amazing pain relief!! I have ordered several times & referred my family & friends who have ordered also. Everyone loves it!