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Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel for arthritis and joint pain relief


Since the release of Mountain Ice Pain Gel, by Mountainside Medical Equipment, the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive.  We've heard of the effects Mountain Ice is having "remarkable results" and in some cases, life-changing.  We attribute our success to the rich natural blend that we developed, that goes beyond just numbing the pain.  We truly love helping people reduce their pain, and improving their quality of life.  We appreciate the support and will continue to bring innovative products to the forefront.  Thank you! 

A few testimonials from actual customers

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Pain Type: Neuropathy in feet and Legs .
Somewhat helpful

Better then all the other stuff I tried.

Pain Type: Severe neuropathy in feet
Works well for my neuropathy

Tried so many different products and none of them worked like this. Definitely will be purchasing again!

Pain Type: Shoulders, neck and feet
It’s working ordering more soon

Works better than several we tried

Pain Type: Foot and hand
Mountain Ice

It worked pretty well!

Mt Ice Review

I have RA, OA, Fibro...& have had hip & knee & shoulder surgeries so I use Mt Ice a lot! I’ve also used it for broken toes that were swollen & it relieves the pain enough to get rest. Thank you for a great product -& for the fast shipping!

Pain Type: Neuropathy in feet and neck pain.
Helps nerve and neck pain

I have pain in my neck and nerve pain in my feet. This really helps the pain! I think I'd prefer the roll on version so I don't get it in my hands.

Pain Type: Osteoarthritis, calf pain
Good product!

It cools and reliefs in minutes. Great product and will purchase again.

Pain Type: Foot Pain
Mountain Ice All Natural Pain Relief Gel

This product works great. Almost immediate relief. Very quick acting. Daily applications continue to provide relief unlike other products.

Mountain Ice All Natural Pain Relieving Gel

Pain Type: sciatic nerve, arthritis
All natural pain relief gel 3-pack

The gel really works fast and provides fast soothing relief.

Pain Type: Arthritis in my spine & knees
Works Great

I've had 7 spinal surgeries and have osteoarthritis in both knees. Mountain Ice is my go to for pain relief now. It works better than anything else I've tried!

Pain Type: neuropathy in hands and feet (due to chemo and diabetes), arthritis in my hands and ankles AND Charcot foot
Mountain Ice

This product provides great relief to the pain associated with neuropathy and arthritis in my hands, feet and legs

Pain Type: Back, hip and leg pain
Works so well!

I ordered a small amount which I’ve already used snd love it. It relieves pain, isn’t greasy and doesn’t stain clothes. Brings comfort within in few minutes. I love it.

Pain Type: Arthritis
Love this stuff!

Mountain Ice has worked so well to relieve my arthritis pain. Thank you!

Pain Type: Arthritis and nerve pain
Mountain Ice

Seems to help have ordered a tube.

Pain Type: Knee pain
Great product!

I have rheumatoid arthritis in both knees and am always looking for new products to help. I love Mountain Ice! I volunteer for a dog rescue and it made a difference in how long I’m able to be on my feet. The ultimate test was the snowstorm we had last week. I had to shovel out my car and my lower back was on fire. I put Mountain Ice on and didn’t even need to take an aspirin!

Pain Type: Arthritis
Good for Arthritic musicians.

I use it on my fingers and hands. I play the ukelelele and it does help loosen things up quite a bit.

Pain Type: Muscle/Joint Pain - hips & lower back
Mountain Ice Pain Relieving Gel

Hands down the best pain relief gel for sore muscle that I have ever tried!

Great Product

So far it is taking the pain out of my foot and lower back - can't complain

Pain Type: Neuropathy

I was hoping for noticeable relief for my husband's neuropathy. While he said the foot rubs are really nice, no change in the numbness.

Pain Type: Back pain and nerve pain

Amazing stuff. It helps alot. I will be buying more

Pain Type: Neuropathy
Surprisingly, it really helped with my foot neuropathy; highly recommend!

I quit taking the medication for my neuropathy and tried Mountain Ice; it really helped! I missed using the cream for 2 days and couldn’t believe how bad my feet felt again. Now I need to pay for a rush order because my trial packs are almost finished and I don’t want to miss using it again.


the order was for my wife , she has back pain , she uses it to help with the pain , so she can work .

Pain Type: I suffer from knee/joint pain and my husband suffers from rotator cuff pain.
Mountain Ice

Love your product. Works great for almost instant relief and last for quite awhile. Like that it is made from natural ingredients and made locally. Customer service was also great.

Pain Type: Neuropathy (feet)

The Mountain Ice worked great. My husband uses it twice a day and noticed a difference almost immediately. Going to share this info with his neurologist.