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Mountain Ice Eczema Cream 4oz (Rebuild the Skin's Barrier + Retain Moisture Better) - Adult eczema, AntiAging, Atopic Dermatitis, baby eczema, Ceramides NP AP EOP, Collagen peptide, Dermatiti
Mountain Ice Eczema Cream 4oz (Rebuild the Skin's Barrier + Retain Moisture Better) - Adult eczema, AntiAging, Atopic Dermatitis, baby eczema, Ceramides NP AP EOP, Collagen peptide, Dermatiti
Mountain Ice Eczema Cream 4oz (Rebuild the Skin's Barrier + Retain Moisture Better) - Adult eczema, AntiAging, Atopic Dermatitis, baby eczema, Ceramides NP AP EOP, Collagen peptide, Dermatiti
Mountain Ice Eczema Cream 4oz (Rebuild the Skin's Barrier + Retain Moisture Better) - Adult eczema, AntiAging, Atopic Dermatitis, baby eczema, Ceramides NP AP EOP, Collagen peptide, Dermatiti

Mountain Ice Eczema Cream 4oz (Rebuild the Skin's Barrier + Retain Moisture Better)

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Mountain ice Eczema Cream is an advanced formula that hydrates, restores and rebalances the epidermis lipid layer of the Skin. The epidermal lipids play an essential role in the skin's barrier function. Our formula contains a unique lipid concentrate that improves the skins moisturation while repairing the damage caused by harmful irritants on the skins protective barrier. The skins barrier is vital for healthy skin.

Directions for Best Results

Soothe. Rehydrate. Repair. Protect.

  • Restores the protective barrier function of the skin
  • Strengthens skin barrier that locks in moisture
  • Lipid Replenishing and soothing formula
  • Ideal for aging skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin
  • SK-INFLUX® V MB Contains 6% LIPID Concentrate (1.5% Ceramide complex  (Ceramides I, III, IIIB, VI), 0.5% Cholesterol, 3.5% Free fatty acid and 0.5% Phytosphingosine)
  • Skin-identical lipid concentrate that mimics the structure of the skin barrier
  • SOLINE® BIO: A clinical study on the moisturizing effects of Soline showed that after a single application there was an immediate increase in moisturization: 48.6% moisturization 1 hour after application with lasting effects shown by the +34.2% moisturization after 24 hours. After 4 weeks of 2x per day application, a 52% improvement in surface appearance of the skin was observed. Dryness, roughness and desquamation showed significant improvement.  This active ingredient is thus used for the relipidation and restructuring of dry, atopic and mature skin.

Mountain ice Eczema Cream Information Card

About Mountain ice Eczema Cream Ingredients

Natural Ingredients Included in the Formula

Collagen peptide is a protein that produces skin renewal, improves elasticity, and aids in the healing process.

Hyaluronic acid retains water in the body providing a surge of moisture to produce plump, supple skin.

Turmeric a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant used to treat psoriasis and other skin conditions.

 Kiwi seed oil that contains Vitamin C that improves skin’s appearance, repairing aged, scaly, and blotchy skin.

Tea tree oil is an antiseptic and antimicrobial that cleanses and prevents bacteria while soothing and healing. 

Zinc oxide is the main ingredient in calamine lotion which provides immediate itch relief and clears up rashes.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant that produces collagen which is vital for skin renewal and smooth, youthful skin.

Vitamin E is a essential oil that protects the moisture barrier, nourishes skin, and provides a healthy glow.

Oregano oil is a powerful antifungal that reduces bacteria that cause red, swollen skin and prevents inflammation.

Aloe vera is a antibacterial that provides cool, soothing relief to burns, heals wounds, and moisturizes.

Colloidal oatmeal natural oats that calm and alleviate dermatitis symptoms of flaky, itchy, dry patches.

Mountain ice Eczema Cream contains two patented technologies - SK-influx® a skin-identical lipid concentrates with cholesterol combined with Ceramides NP, AP and EOP that plays a vital role that helps creates a healthy skin barrier by keeping the skin hydrated. The second patented formula added is Soline® BIO. Soline® adds advanced moisturization that increases the skin ability to retain water (barrier function) while soothing the skins inflammation mediators response by preventing further tissue damage and ultimately healing and restoration of tissue function.
***Along with the added SK-influx® and Soline® Mountain ice Eczema Cream also contains other important ingredients that add tremendous benefits and enhancing the formula even more like: Collagen peptide that helps strengthen skin, improve elasticity and reduces wrinkles.  Hyaluronic acid retains water in your skin to keep your tissue well lubricated while also regulating inflammation levels in your body to build more blood vessels in the damaged areas. Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. Turmeric can help damaged tissue heal by decreasing inflammation and oxidation while reducing scaring. Turmeric also helps psoriasis by controlling flare-ups and other symptoms. Kiwi seed oil contains moisturizing and nourishing properties that helps to treat dry, aging and damaged skin while eliminating free radicals which are the cause for cell damage and degeneration. Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that help soothe and relieve painful and irritated skin while reducing bacteria on the skin that helps improve healing time. Zinc oxide is a topical protectant with anti-inflammatory properties that increases the resurfacing of a skin wound with new epithelium. Zinc also reducing itching associated with eczema flare-ups.

Why is this cream different?
Before you try the cream we would like you to know what we are doing differently. Our approach to healing eczema is different. Note: there is no cure for eczema, but we would like to try and change that. Instead of just soothing dry skin like most other eczema creams and lotions on the market, we are trying to rebuild the skins protective layer, while increasing the skins ability to retain water in the epidermal lipids layer.
Mountain ice Eczema cream is strategically created to do a few things different.
The formula has two patented formulas that play a vital role in repairing damaged skin while stimulating the skins healing environment to repair the skins protective barrier layers and increasing moisture.

Very important: this process takes time to heal. For the best results. Give the skin time to repair. Use Mountain ice Eczema cream for at least 2 weeks without stopping. If you pause or stop using the cream, the repairing process could stall or reverse any progress made. More time the cream can rest on the skin the better.

To increase a better outcome: Avoid harmful soaps and oils, as these could cause more irritation and reverse progress.  When washing use moisture rich, gently unscented soaps with ingredients like Colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera or shea butter. When drying skin, pat dry the skin with a soft towel. Do not rub.


Ingredients Include: Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Turmeric, Kiwi Seed Oil, Vitamin A, Cholesterol, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, Zinc Oxide, Oregano Oil, Sunflower Oil, Colloidal Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP, Ceramide EOP

Directions and How to Best Apply Mountain ice Eczema Cream

What is SK-INFLUX® V MB?

SK-INFLUX® V MB is a concentrated formulation, consisting of a multi-lamellar (membrane) system, that resembles the structure of the lipid barrier in the Stratum corneum.

This speciality ingredient empowers the skin with a mix of ceramides, cholesterol, free fatty acids, and phytosphingosine. This makes SK-INFLUX® MB suitable for an extensive range of personal care and cosmetics products.

Ceramides are essential in maintaining and structuring the lipid barrier. A strengthened skin barrier locks in moisture and protects against harmful stressors, resulting in healthy and youthful looking skin.

SK-influx® is a skin-identical lipid concentrate for enhanced skin moisturization and protection. It is ideal for aging skin, dry skin and sensitive skin. SK-influx is a concentrated formulation, consisting of a multi-lamellar (membrane) system resembling the structure of the lipid barrier in the Stratum Corneum. It is a concentrated mix of different types of ceramides, cholesterol, free fatty acids and phytosphingosine makes it an ideal ingredient for personal care products with unique restoring capabilities. Consequently SK-influx has a wide range of applications, such as creams and lotions of the segments: moisturizing products, aging and anti-wrinkle products, skin repair and skin protection.

  • Restores the protective barrier function of the skin
  • SK-INFLUX® V  MB is a new version of SK-INFLUX®, with non-animal cholesterol (vegetal-derived, semisynthetic cholesterol)
  • Ideal for aging skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin
  • Ideal for scalp protection
  • Enhanced delivery and exchange of skin lipids
  • SK-INFLUX® V MB is a new version of SK-INFLUX®, with non-animal cholesterol (vegetal-derived, semisynthetic cholesterol)
  • Water-soluble
  • SK-INFLUX® V is paraben-free

Formula: Ceramide NP; Ceramide AP; Ceramide EOP; Phytosphingosine; Cholesterol; Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate; Carbomer; Xanthan Gum

SK-INFLUX® V Brochure

SK-INFLUX® V Technical Information


What is SOLINE®?

SOLINE® is an oily active ingredient rich in unsaponifiable molecules. Small amounts of these molecules are naturally present in sunflower seed oil, and they are considered as noble molecules in view of their properties.

Clinical Study for SOLINE®

20 volunteers with dry to scaly skin tested a cream containing 2% active ingredient (amount in Mountain ice Eczema Cream)

  • After a single application: There was an immediate in moisturisation (corneometer): +48.6% moisturisation 1 hour after application, and the efficacy is lasting, as the increase is +34.2% after 24 hours.
  • After 4 weeks (applied twice a day): The microrelief and surface apperance were evaluated with biopsies conducted before and after the study.                                                                                                                                   
Soline® BIO is an oily active ingredient rich in unsaponifiables, obtained by molecular distillation (patented process) of Organic Sunflower seed oil. Due to its noble components, Soline® BIO is a moisturizer that offers a dual activity by activating PPARα receptor: lipid-replenishing and soothing. After a single application, Soline® BIO at 2% provides 24 hours hydration (clinical study). Moreover, the synthesis of epidermal key lipids is stimulated, in order to strengthen the intercorneocyte cement (Ceramides 1 & 2 and Cerebrosides). Soline® BIO presents also a soothing activity by modulating the inflammatory cascade (inhibition of NFκB by 36%). This active ingredient is thus used for the relipidation and restructuring of dry, atopic and mature skins. Soline® BIO is originating from European reasoned farming sourcing. This preservative-free active ingredient is certified by Ecocert Greenlife.


Contains Good Cholesterol: About 25% of the goopy stuff between our skin cells consists of cholesterol. Together with ceramides and fatty acids, they play a vital role in having a healthy skin barrier and keeping the skin hydrated. Apart from being an important skin-identical ingredient, it's also an emollient and stabilizer.


NDC: 72793-400-01

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kimberly P.
Pain Type: Mine is sports related.
Sports Recovery Muscle Pain Relief Gel

Love the Sports Recovery Muscle Pain Relief Gel. Awesome for after leg workouts!! Hubby loves the Eczema Cream for his feet. Helps with the dryness & cracking. It helped more than anything else! Thank you, Marty!

Iris M.
Pain Type: Leg and feet pain
Mountain ice

Amazing product. I can’t sleep at night because of leg and feet pain.
This has help me so much.

Mountain Ice Eczema Cream is AMAZING

My hand went from very red and itchy and dry to something not itchy, almost normal skin colored and definitely not flaky. This stuff works great for me.

Thank you for the sample!

I received a sample of the Mountain Ice Eczema Cream with my regular order of Mountain Ice. I didn't know anyone with eczema, so I used it on my shoulders. I have small bumps that different lotions have not helped. I noticed a difference the day after I used this.

Debra G.
Pain Type: Excessive dry skin.
Great alternative to prescription drug creams!

This cream exceeds my expectations and in a short amount of time has made a lasting difference in the dryness in my skin. Give it a try, you will not regret it!

Kim C.
Pain Type: Neck, shoulder, back.

I have had multiple neck surgeries, I have a spine disease and when I used your product it actually worked to give me a few hours of relief.
The lotion I also purchased is also amazing for my skin. Thank you.

Kylee W.
Eczema on face

This is one of the first things that as actually helped my eczema! I find it works better than my prescribed ointment.

Carolyn L.
Well worth money

Haven’t used it long enough to see full results, but it certainly is improving the appearance of skin on face.

Great stuff

I have had problems with dry skin on my forehead and face for years. I would get red blotches and flaky patches. After using mountain ice eczema cream for 4 days, the spots are gone. I've tried lots of different remedies, this is the only one that has worked. Thanks, Mountain Ice!

Added benefit to Eczema cream!

I have been using samples of the Eczema cream until the full sized tube was available. Finally got the full size and was pretty happy about it. I have found when I put it on my arms it is awesome, which is why I ordered the full size, and have rubbed the rest of it into my hands and nails. I USED TO HAVE soft, brittle nails...they are now the strongest, healthiest nails I have had in years. It's got to be the Mountain Ice Eczema cream. Once again thrilled that I have found Mountain Ice products.