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8 Ways to Improve Mornings with Chronic Pain

For anyone with chronic pain, mornings can be a challenge. The symptoms of chronic pain are often worst in the morning, delaying the start of the productive day by hours while you deal with pain and stiffness. Read on for our tips on how to improve your morning!


Chronic Morning Pain Aches

1. Prepare the Night Before

This old trick is useful for anyone's morning, but having everything prepped beforehand saves time and helps you avoid feeling like you have to make yourself uncomfortable by rushing. Set an early alarm for taking medication, allowing you to go back to sleep while it begins to work; keep necessary food, drinks, and medications on a nightstand or table reachable from your bed; prep lunches the night before; lay out clothes and other necessities for the day early.


2. Start Early and Take Slow Steps

Rushing through your morning routine is only going to increase your discomfort. Head to bed early, set an early alarm, and give yourself enough time to start your day off in the most effective, comfortable way for you.


3. Morning Relaxation

This goes with our previous tip, but give yourself time in the morning to do something relaxing! Read, listen to music, drink an extra cup of tea or coffee -- do whatever helps you get into a positive mental state and prepares you for the day.


4. Establish a Morning Care Routine

Knowing your body and the way pain affects each muscle and joint can help you pattern your morning routine to avoid the worst of it. Stick to a predetermined schedule of gentle exercise, heat, icing, showering, and medications to deal with the pain in the most effective ways and according to the most effective timetable for your body.

 Chronic Pain Morning Relief

5. Stretching and Exercises

It's possible to get movement even in your bed. Some gentle morning yoga or light activation exercises will help you increase circulation to the joints and muscles, reducing stiffness and improving mobility.


6. Don't Neglect Your Feet

Our feet bear our weight more than we realize. Get a soft mat for the floor next to your bed, and some thick, padded slippers for moving through the house. Stepping on cold or hard surfaces when you get out of bed can exacerbate leg or knee pain.


7. Involve Your Loved Ones

Whether you live with a partner, children, or other family members or roommates, asking for help is a great way to help them understand your condition and physical needs. Don't be afraid to ask for help! Let your loved ones know how they can make your morning easier.


8. Use Mountain Ice!

We developed Mountain Ice because we wanted to provide people with a source for fast, effective topical pain relief. Mountain Ice can help relieve your morning aches and pain quickly by penetrating deep into your joints and reducing swelling, giving you valuable temporary relief while working through your morning stiffness. It also has numerous properties that improve circulation, and that increased blood flow can help you be at your best much sooner in the morning.