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Mountain Ice Attending Utica College Health Information Fair

Mountainside Medical Equipment is pleased to announce that they will be attending Utica College’s annual Health Information Fair on Monday, October 21st, where they will be presenting information about their topical pain relieving gel Mountain Ice. The event takes place from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Rooms 102 and 103 of Romano Hall on the Utica College campus.


“This is a great opportunity for us to debut Mountain Ice to the next generation of medical professionals,” says Martin Zarnock Jr., Vice President of Mountainside Medical Equipment and creator of Mountain Ice. “There’s nothing more important to the success of a new medical product than total awareness among medical professionals of its benefits and uses. New products entering the market are not just beneficial to professionals, but also to patients whose condition and comfort can depend on having as many choices available to them as possible.”


Mountain Ice is projected to be one of nearly two dozen vendors and local health care service providers in attendance at the Health Information Fair, which is open to Utica College students and alumni. Attending students will be part of the College’s allied health professional departments and will be representing fields as varied as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nursing. The Fair was designed to introduce students firsthand to a broad spectrum of roles and technologies available in the health care industry.




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