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Mountain Ice Relieves Inflammation in Chronic Pain Patients and Those with Autoimmune Diseases

Chronic pain doesn’t exclusively come from wear and tear or acute injuries, as anyone with an autoimmune condition or peripheral neuropathy can tell you. Inflammation and nerve damage are known to flare up painfully and unexpectedly, but for help in managing these difficult conditions one pain reliever stands above the rest: Mountain Ice.




Topical pain relievers are a common tool for treating the symptoms of autoimmune diseases and neuropathy, but most analgesics only numb the pain temporarily. Mountain Ice does so much more. Its unique formulation allows for the absorption of anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric, aloe vera, and tea tree oil deep into the muscles and joints. This leads to increased blood flow and reduced swelling at the source of pain, not just at the surface of the skin. Not only does this relieve inflammation, but improved circulation also helps deliver blood and oxygen to damaged nerves, improving symptoms of neuropathy.


“When I developed the formula for Mountain Ice, I saw how effective it was for arthritis patients,” says Martin Zarnock, Jr., creator of Mountain Ice and Vice President of Mountainside Medical Equipment. “What we weren’t expecting was just how enthusiastically it would be adopted by patients with autoimmune diseases and neuropathy. We’re hearing constantly from customers that Mountain Ice is not only relieving their pain, but reducing their inflammation and restoring their daily functioning.”

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