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Mountain Ice Teams Up with Local Businesses, Including Peter's Cornucopia

Mountain Ice, the new leading brand of topical pain relief gels, is now located in 50 retail stores across Central New York. Among them, is Peter’s Cornucopia, an organic food store located in the New Hartford Shopping Center in New Hartford, New York.


For over 30 years, Peter’s Cornucopia has been offering customers in the local area the best selection in natural and organic produce, herbs, vitamins, supplements, and holistic health and beauty items. Now, Mountain Ice has joined their wide variety of supplies, and the public couldn’t be more excited.





“Since Mountain Ice arrived on our shelves, we have seen a huge influx of customers” says Peter Corn, the owner and founder of Peter’s Cornucopia. “We have Mountain Ice flying off of our shelves, with customers purchasing three or four tubes at a time.”



“It feels wonderful to see local businesses supporting each other” says Martin Zarnock Jr., founder and creator of Mountain Ice. “Mr. Corn and I enjoy working together and we thoroughly enjoy being able to bring customers to healthy, all-natural products.”



Mountain Ice has been in high demand due to positive customer feedback, selling out of all products within the first few weeks of launching. Mountain Ice has also been widely successful in helping to get people off of prescription opioids due to the fast acting, long lasting pain relief.



Mountain Ice is a safe and effective pain relief alternative that requires no prescription. It is non-systemic, non-narcotic, and contains no NSAIDs or addictive substances. Mountain Ice utilizes cool and soothing menthol, as well as natural plants and extracts to create a unique formula that targets pain directly at the source.