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Products to Use With Mountain Ice

Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel is taking the world by storm and providing some much needed relief to those suffering with various forms of arthritis. By itself, Mountain Ice works wonders as it quickly and effectively absorbs into the skin and targets the pain directly at the source. When used with other products, Mountain Ice is completely unbeatable! 


For instance, Mountain Ice can be used with both hot and cold packs, and it is actually recommended to be used in conjunction with heat and cold therapy. For extra relief and comfort, try using Mountain Ice along with our Jack Frost Hot and Cold Reusable Gel Pack!



Rub the affected area with Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel. Then, place this gel pack in a freezer to chill, or a microwave to warm and enjoy the instant relief from both Mountain Ice and the Insulated Hot and Cold Gel Cryotherapy Pack. This soft-freeze pack is designed to stay flexible even when cold, and if the contents spill, they are non-toxic and will not irritate the skin. As an added bonus, this pack stays hot or cold for extended periods of time, thanks to the insulated design!


In addition, if you are experiencing back pain from injuries or surgery, Mountain Ice, along with our DuraSoft Back Pain Relief Cryotherapy Wrap will help!



The Donjoy DuraSoft Back Wrap is a cold therapy wrap for back injuries and surgical sites. Made with ultra-wick and antimicrobial fabric technologies, this back wrap features freezable gel packs that mold to your figure for superior coverage and comfort, and it stays cold for up to 2 hours per application. This back wrap provides cold therapy to the lumbar region, penetrates surgical dressings, and helps to reduce pain, edema, and secondary hypoxic tissue injury. 


If the pain is on your knee or joints within your knee, after applying Mountain Ice to the affected area, use the Donjoy DuraSoft Knee Sleeve as an elastic cold therapy wrap to provide you with uninterrupted cryotherapy support and compression to your injury or post-surgical site. 



The DuraSoft cold packs are easy to adjust in the sleeve or wrap and can be effortlessly stored in the freezer. This product, as well as the ice packs, will mold and conform to the shape of your knee, providing you with superior comfort and compression. 


Please consult with your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, beginning any health regimen, or beginning any supplements. 

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