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Success Stories: Our Favorite Mountain Ice Testimonials

Mountain Ice has taken the pain relief market by storm, and we're amazed at the response! People have shared some wonderful stories about pain relief that make us proud to be producing Take a look below at what some of our customers are saying about Mountain Ice!

Why is Mountain Ice Better

Roberta B: "My husband has had non diabetic neuropathy for over 10 years. He is on several oral medications to help with the pain with only partial relief. I am always looking for something for him to try in hopes of getting him some relief. Before we tried Mountain Ice it was a waste of money and time. I ordered the sample and convinced him to try it. Within about 5 minutes the pain was almost completely gone. He and I were amazed that he got relief as we have tried many creams/gels over the years. To make sure that we had more to use, I ordered the 3 pack. The company was easy to work with. Thank you very much."


Richard D: "I absolutely love Mountain Ice.  I have been suffering with knee pain for over 2 years, thus walking with a limp.  Nothing worked.  A friend told me about Mountain Ice and highly recommended it.  So, I decided to try it.  I love the soothing and cooling sensation I feel immediately after applying.  Also, not sticky nor does it have a medicine smell.  I am pain free for at least 4 to 5 hours, and I can walk without a limp.  I highly recommend Mountain Ice to anyone who is experiencing pain of one kind or another. Thank you, Mountain Ice.


Marilyn C:  “I was skeptical about trying Mountain Ice. I used other pain relief brands before and they hardly provided any comfort. The gel burned my skin, so I would have to resort to taking prescription medication to try and find some pain relief. The first thing I noticed was that Mountain Ice has a cooling effect. It doesn’t burn your skin, doesn’t leave any residue, and the menthol scent isn’t overpowering. Mountain Ice has given me my life back. For the first time in a long time, I can bend my hands, cook, clean, sew, and do all of the activities that I’ve been missing out on.”


Jim R: "As someone who is constantly working outdoors, whether that means manual labor, landscaping, or playing a ball game, I suffer from hip and lower back problems. I’ve used every topical pain cream out there – from Bio Freeze to Icy Hot, and nothing helped. I put Mountain Ice on in the morning, and without even thinking, was able to work 12 hours outside. Mountain Ice is a must-have product. It’s a necessity for me. I stopped any anti-inflammatory medicines and now focus solely on using Mountain Ice. It is a miracle pain reliever, as it makes me completely forget about my pain.”


John D: "I have to tell you that when I put it on I felt like it penetrated deeper into my skin than most  products that I have tried which I think is great. I like the feeling of the deeper penetration feeling because I feel like the usual products just do the surface of the skin which probably doesn’t do much. I think the penetration probably does a lot more to heal and make me feel better. I think it’s working and working faster than any other product that I have ever used."

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