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Tips for Getting Better Sleep When You Suffer From Chronic Pain

Our sleep is a major component of our overall health and wellness. When we lose sleep, we suffer in ways that are far beyond just having a difficult time getting up the next morning. The real effects of sleep deprivation can be frightening and enough of a warning to make sure that you are getting enough sleep per night. 


Making the effort to work on improving your sleep can have huge impacts on your health. Not only will you feel better physically, but you will also have a better and stronger mindset. Improving your sleeping habits helps empower you to tackle each day with your full effort, enabling you to create a positive change in your life.


Unfortunately, some people stand at a disadvantage when it comes to falling and staying asleep, and these are usually the people who need their sleep the most - chronic pain sufferers. When you deal with chronic illness or pain, you know the importance of your rest. Those nighttime hours are critical to helping you restore energy to get you through the next day. Sadly, all too often your pain can get in the way of your sleep.


We have some strategies to suggest that may help you to get past your chronic pain and get the restful sleep that you need. Everyone's journey is unique and personal, but hopefully these tips can be helpful as you begin to work on improving your sleep.



Get In The Right Mindset


Having the correct attitude towards bedtime and your rest is the first step to improving it. Before you can work to correct your bedtime habits, you'll need to start with having a positive attitude. Look at your rest as something that you value. By the end of the day you may feel exhausted, but don't feel down because your energy is low. Instead, appreciate the restoration that your sleep can bring you. By valuing and prioritizing your rest in a positive mindset, you will be able to more joyfully reap the benefits of a good night's rest.


Start a Wind Down Routine


Stress on the brain is one of the leading reasons people have trouble falling asleep at night. You'll need to implement some relaxation time in your evening to help clear your brain of any stressors, frustrations, and anxieties. Add a "wind down" routine into your daily schedule. In the evenings, find ways to help calm your mind. This could be accomplished by taking a warm bath, reading a book, or practicing meditation. Mindful meditation may be something you've considered to help you cope with your pain. 


Mindful meditation has actually been shown to reduce chronic pain by 57 to 90% in clinical trials. Taking time in the evenings for meditation may be the element you need to help calm your mind and body before bedtime rolls around. 


Optimize Your Sleeping Environment


An improper environment will not be conducive for proper sleep. Adjust your environment to fit your needs. Focus on making sure that you have a bed that provides comfort and helps to alleviate your pain rather than contribute to it. Consider other environmental factors, such as: lighting, sound, and temperature. You may want to consider blackout curtains, sound machines, or fans to help you adjust your environment for your comfort. 


Find a Method to Soothe Pain



Long time chronic pain sufferers know that there is no cure all for your chronic pain. One important factor is coping and learning ways to soothe your pain as much as possible. This may include getting regular massages, stretching, aromatherapy, CBD Oil, or Mountain Ice!


Using Mountain Ice, especially in conjunction with heat therapy, will help your mind and body relax. As Mountain Ice relieves the pain instantly, you can feel your pain melt away. One of the main ingredients in Mountain Ice is Aloe Vera, which has been proven to release oxygen at night. The oxygen released from aloe is a natural remedy for insomnia.


Find strategies that work best for you and continue them consistently. The more of a routine you build, the easier it will be for your body to adjust and fall into a rhythm.  

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