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Where Did You First Hear About Mountain Ice?

Every day, customers send us rave reviews about Mountain Ice! It's becoming popular in so many places, even we can't keep up with it. That's why we asked you, our fans, to let us know where you first heard about Mountain Ice!


We held a contest asking about your first experiences with Mountain Ice, and randomly selected one of the respondents to win a free tube. Congratulations to Mary Sanders Crozier on winning!




Mary had some wonderful things to say about Mountain Ice, which she first discovered thanks to a friend who uses it. Mary uses Mountain Ice for her arthritis and says: "I have tried lots of creams and gels, but nothing has helped till my friend gave me a tube of this to try. It stops my hip pain soon as I rub it on!"


We're always excited to learn about our customers positive experiences with Mountain Ice! Mary goes on to say that, "this is the best thing I've ever used. I have told my friends and family about it, and several have been ordering it."


Mary wasn't the only one who gave us positive feedback! Chris A. says, "This is the first product I've used that (nearly instantly) relieved the burning feeling in my skin from polyneuropathy. It even helps with the sensation that feels like constantly walking on rocks. I will recommend this product to everyone I know!"


Linda S. says, "My husband and I use it almost daily. It helps a lot! So glad that we tried it!"


We're thrilled that Mountain Ice has made such a difference in people's lives. This contest may be over, but keep watching our Facebook and Twitter for more in the future! And don't forget to check out some of the reviews on our Facebook page for more stories from people who have regained their active lifestyle thanks to Mountain Ice.


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