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Mountain Ice Wins Finalist Honors at Drug Store News Buyers’ Choice Awards

Mountain Ice is proud to announce that its flagship product, Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel, received Finalist honors in the Drug Store News Buyers’ Choice Award. The award was part of Drug Store News and ECRM’s Health Care Program, a spotlight of innovations and new products from medical manufacturers and suppliers.


Mountain Ice Award-Winning Chronic Pain Relief

Winning products were selected by users of the ECRM Connect category management platform, on which the awards were held online. Pharmacy industry publication Drug Store News sponsored the award, which saw dozens of entries submitted by participating suppliers. Buyers voted Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel a finalist based on criteria that included innovation and product packaging.


“We’re thrilled to win any award, but especially proud that Mountain Ice has been accepted by medical professionals,” said Martin Zarnock, Jr., founder and creator of Mountain Ice. “The voters of this award are extremely knowledgeable about health and wellness, and they’ve seen a lot of topical pain gels. It means a lot to have confirmation that Mountain Ice has a level of quality that stands out.”


How Can Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel Help Reduce Your Chronic Pain and Inflammation?

Whatever your source of chronic pain, Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel can be an extremely effective component of your treatment plan. Each ingredient contained in Mountain Ice has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-oxidant properties, all of which help to increase blood flow, reduce swelling, and slow the progression of arthritis. Its deep-penetrating formula allows for effective relief that treats pain at its source.


The combination of natural ingredients in Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel also facilitates absorption of anti-inflammatory and pain relieving ingredients deep into the muscles and joints, allowing for increased blood flow and reduced swelling at the source of pain and not just at the surface of the skin. Thanks to its potential to reduce both the pain sensation and the inflammation that causes it, Mountain Ice can be a valuable option to explore for anyone seeking to reduce chronic pain.


Interested in Mountain Ice to help you relieve your chronic pain? Order Mountain Ice today and get a discount the more you order!

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