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Customer Stories

How Nancy found relief from neuropathy in her feet after 10 years 

March 21, 2022

Meet Nancy. Nancy who lives in Wyoming is an economics university teacher with more than 30 years of experience. Now 62, she's inspired and influenced generations of high schoolers to go after their dreams. She has lived a fabulous life of travel, adventure, volunteering, and pursuing her passions.

She's been to every continent except Antarctica and has lived in France for a few years teaching there as well. She's skied the Swiss Alps with her family. She's been on a camel safari in the deserts of Dubai. She walked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. She fell in love and married her husband, Mike, an engineer, who worked with her on many big projects. And she still travels and adventures with him today.

They have two grown-up sons who have families of their own so she has the privilege of being a grandmother to four adorable grandchildren. The only thing that had not gone according to plan was her health.

About 10 years ago, after a long day of teaching, Nancy was getting ready for bed. She sat on the edge of the bed to take her socks off. What she noticed was that her left foot felt numb and tingly, but not in a good way. It was uncomfortable and distressing. She ignored it for a while but then the feeling started moving from her toes to her heels, to her ankles and finally it included her entire foot. It wouldn't go away so she went to see her doctor.

She ended up getting an MRI and it showed that she had neuropathy in her feet. Her doctors prescribed all kinds of treatments that didn't do anything to alleviate pain and swelling--and they were keeping on coming back month after month. She didn't want any of the dangerous prescription drugs that were also addictive. She was strong for a long time but started to look into other solutions. She talked to a couple of specialist doctors but they said: "Just learn to live with it" which was hard to hear.

Nancy was disappointed and frustrated, but she accepted his diagnosis and lived with it for 10 years. It was hard; she missed out on a lot of the activities she loved and was frequently in pain. She couldn't walk comfortably, stand long periods of time, or even just sit for more than 5 minutes before feeling a searing sensation in her foot.

She managed for a while by taking painkillers, but only as needed but could tell that she was starting to take them too frequently. She finally made the decision to get off all of her prescriptions. "I just couldn't do it anymore. It was getting out of hand," she told us.

Throughout the years she has tried numerous treatments, but the results were always disappointing. She tried all kinds of topical gels and treatments, some helped a bit but nothing could help her have a good night's sleep. 

Her story is sad but it does have a happy ending.

One day when she was online and saw an ad for our Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel for neuropathy in her feet. Nancy, despite trying everything, clicked on the link and immediately thought that the product was the one she had been looking for for so long. The products are FDA approved, which means they're held to high standards of quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process since they use all-natural ingredients in their products.

She couldn't have been more thrilled to try Mountain Ice, especially since the reviews from other customers were so positive. She found a bit of hope.

The first day she used it, she used one drop the size of blueberry for each foot. After a couple of minutes, she felt this cold sensation of the gel that felt a bit different from what she experienced ever before. She immediately felt the sharp pain in her feet and the tingling went away, not fully but noticeably. She was shocked that the product worked. 

The next morning she tried again, this time using two drops for each foot. She noticed that it absorbed quickly into her skin, unlike some gels which absorb slower and make her feet sweat, so that's a big plus. The relief was even more surprising and the smell was refreshing.

She found relief in the morning, unlike anything she had experienced before. The same thing happened that day and the next day. 

"It really helped me," Nancy said. There were times when she used three drops and felt immediate relief; other times it would take up to half an hour. "If I was in intense pain, I'd put three drops on my feet at the first sign of any pain."

She put the gel on 2-3 times daily and kept using it for several weeks. The relief got better every day, and now she has been using Mountain Ice for more than a year.

"I'm so grateful for this product! I can live a normal life again" she says with a smile on her face.

What does she think about the product now? 

"I love this stuff! I'd recommend it to anyone who has neuropathy in their feet." She feels 10x better and has more energy. She has been able to resume life as it was before.

Nancy's story is a great example of the benefits of our all-natural products for pain relief. But it's also an example of how a truly remarkable product has the ability to help people find hope and live a more natural, active life. 

We're so proud to be able to help people like Nancy who have such incredible stories and experiences. Thanks for taking the time to read about Nancy's story with us.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer M.
Pain Type: Shoulder
Mountain Ice

Has provided relief for my husband's sore shoulders. Will definitely purchase again.


It really help things only work for a little while. I have arthritis bone on bone and stuff only help for a moment


Great product that works.


I love this product. Use it several times a day, after physical therapy and at bed time.

Lenora G.
Pain Type: Lumbar Neuropaths in feet really bad
About product

I have used this product a lot . It soothes my feet a little

Francine C.
Pain Type: Sciatic nerve pain arthritis and injuries from work accidents
It works

It really does work really good

Kara M.
Pain Type: Joint pain

Finally found something to help my husband's painful knees! We've tried everything & are so thankful we finally found something like this. Highly recommend & we've been spreading the word.

Dorothy B.
Pain Type: Psoratic Arthritis
Smells great

Love the smell of Mountain Ice and have been using it on my shoulder and my knee with good success.

Nancy N.
Pain Type: Arthritis neck pain
First time Mountain Ice user

Mountain Ice seemed to take away the discomfort faster than anything I’ve ever experienced. Look forward to using it in the future.

Jean V.
Pain Type: Arthritis
Mountain Ice

I found that Mountain Ice works better than any other arthritis gel or cream I have used. I probably have tried at least a half dozen or more. Thank you for making this.😀

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