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How Camphor is Used in Mountain Ice

Camphor oil, extracted from the back of the camphor tree, is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. How does this key ingredient in Mountain Ice Pain Recovery Gel help you melt the pain away? Read on to find out!

 Camphor in Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel

Pain Relief

Camphor is commonly used for pain relief due to its ability (similar to menthol) to bind with receptors in the skin that are sensitive to heat and cold. By activating these thermosensitive receptors, camphor produces a cooling sensation that numbs pain followed by a warming sensation that increases circulation to improve healing. Substances that do this are known as "counter-irritants," stimulating nerves to signal other physical sensations instead of pain.

Increased Circulation

While stimulating receptors camphor also boosts your blood circulation, which will allow your body to deliver more oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream. These nutrients are vital to repairing cell damage and preventing further harm, which helps to reduce inflammation. Effective circulation also makes it easier for the organs in your body to function properly, while strain from impaired functioning creates more inflammation.


Camphor in Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Camphor's anti-inflammatory properties make it effective in reducing swelling from injury. Studies also indicate that it has the potential to help treat arthritis, which many veteran athletes may experience from the long-term stress placed on their joints.

The common usage of camphor to relieve the effects of autoimmune skin conditions like eczema (atopic dermatitis) suggests that camphor may also be effective in treating the mechanisms that cause other autoimmune diseases.


Camphor has been found in studies to have antispasmodic qualities, making it a great option as a muscle rub that can help reduce the muscle spasms and cramps associated with forms of arthritis as distinct as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

Anti-Fungal Properties

Athlete's foot and other irritating, painful fungal infections have a surprising impact on older adults, largely because they're less able to attend to their foot hygiene, and this also impacts those with mobility issues. Camphor has been found to have strong antifungal properties, which can help prevent the spread of these infections.


Are you looking to harness the power of compounds like camphor to reduce inflammation, relieve muscle soreness, and improve circulation? Click here to order Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel today!