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Lupus: How Mountain Ice Can Help

Mountain Ice has garnered attention for its powerful results in relieving pain for arthritis sufferers, but they're not the only group that can benefit from this revolutionary new topical pain gel. We've received great feedback from patients with lupus that Mountain Ice topical pain relief gel has made a difference in their level of pain as well as their ability to function with it. Although official studies on Mountain Ice's effect on these conditions are still forthcoming, the level of response from patients has been encouraging.

How does Mountain Ice help these conditions? We've got an overview on how it works below!



A chronic autoimmune disease, lupus occurs when the body's immune system inappropriately attacks healthy tissue. When this happens, inflammation, swelling, and joint damage can occur. Sometimes called "The Disease with 1,000 Faces," lupus attacks, with a variety of effects, many different areas of the body:

  • Skin: Skin problems, including rashes; a "butterfly" (malar) rash over the cheeks and bridge of the nose; hair loss; mouth sores; and discoid lupus (large, red, circular rashes with scarring potential).
  • Joints: Arthritis is common with lupus patients.
  • Kidneys: Kidney problems that are more common with other lupus symptoms.
  • Blood: Reduced number of red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets. Blood clots are more common in people with lupus, especially in the legs or lungs.

Lupus also causes many more symptoms that can vary in quantity and severity, such as prolonged or extreme fatigue, unexplained fever, ankle swelling and fluid accumulation, light and sunlight sensitivity, seizures, and Reynaud's phenomenon (pale or purple fingers or toes from cold or stress).

Instances of lupus, called flare-ups happen without an obvious reason, and they're followed by often asymptomatic periods of remission.



How does Mountain Ice work for lupus?

Treating lupus can be an unclear process, as the causes of the disease are unknown. To help reduce the severity of symptoms, many medical professionals prescribe similar treatments and lifestyle changes as those prescribed for neuropathy, including pain relievers, improved diet, increased sleep and physical activity. Mountain Ice's capacity for pain relief allows patients to more easily engage in physical activity, but it also does so much more.

Although the source of fibromyalgia pain is difficult to determine, the widespread muscle pain it causes is easy to locate. Mountain Ice cools the top layer of the skin, which then numbs and blocks pain signals to the brain, providing temporary relief of muscle pain.

The combination of natural ingredients in Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel also facilitates absorption of anti-inflammatory and pain relieving ingredients deep into the muscles and joints, allowing for increased blood flow and reduced swelling at the source of pain and not just at the surface of the skin. Thanks to its potential to reduce both the pain sensation and the inflammation that causes it, Mountain Ice can be a valuable option to explore for anyone seeking to reduce chronic pain.