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Mountain Ice Pain Gel Restores Veteran Back to Health

Mountain Ice continues to change lives and restore health to people who need it the most. Our veteran population is among the most underserved groups in America, and Mountain Ice is doing what it can to provide them with lasting pain relief.

Stewart P., of Bradenton FL, is an 87-year-old Korean War Veteran who has struggled with muscle pain, joint pain, and hip problems since his early days of high school. Stewart says that throughout his life, chronic pain has been a problem; therefore, he would always have to incorporate eight muscle and pain relievers into his every day routine.

“It was discouraging to consume that large amount of medications in one day and still have no relief” said Stewart. “My daughter wanted me to try Mountain Ice, as I have been experiencing pain from my hip to my ankle. I applied Mountain Ice twice a day for three days, and found the relief that I had been searching for” said Stewart.

Stewart says that for the first time in many years, he was able to reclaim his life back. “Since using Mountain Ice, I was able to stop my pain medications and focus on doing the activities that I enjoy.”


Mountain Ice continues to grow and see incredible success because of its unique formula that makes this product the leader in topical pain relief gels. Many patients suffering from chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis have incorporated Mountain Ice into their daily routines and are able to fully function. Due to the all-natural ingredients in Mountain Ice, patients who were using prescription pain medications have stopped or have significantly reduced their use. Mountain Ice, both our tubes and airless pump bottles, are available for purchase online at

About Mountainside Medical Equipment

Mountainside Medical Equipment is a New York State certified, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned, Small Business. Headquartered in Marcy, New York, Mountainside Medical has served the local community since 2002 and has grown into an award-winning, nationally-recognized medical supplier. Moving into medical manufacturing with Mountain Ice, the company sells its products through multiple channels, from its online retail service to major healthcare facilities and practitioners.