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See how people like you feel after using it Mountain Ice 

Our customers can again make progress in their life, goals, and doing their daily activities, pain-free.

We take pride in their accomplishments because we know that everyone’s hard work at Mountain Ice helped them achieve a better life without pain.

Below you can read some of our customers comments after using Mountain Ice. More comments can be read on the original Facebook Post.

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More than 990 customers gave us a 5-star rating.

Read our product reviews to see how Mountain Ice helped customers with different chronic pains.

Since the release of Mountain Ice Pain Gel, by Mountainside Medical Equipment, the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. We've heard of the effects Mountain Ice is having "remarkable results" and in some cases, life-changing. 

We attribute our success to the rich natural blend that we developed, that goes beyond just numbing the pain. We truly love helping people reduce their pain, and improving their quality of life. We appreciate the support and will continue to bring innovative products to the forefront.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1195 reviews
Ruth S.
Mountain Ice

works well where pain is bearable

Robert M.
Pain Type: Neuropathy from chemo

Best relief I have found so far. Don't think I can cure my neuropathy but the relief is good especially before bedtime

Iris P.
Pain Type: knees and back
Wonderful relief

I can now sleep all night without being awakened by pain. When I use it night and morning, I can also straighten my back and walk with much less pain.

Jerry S.
Pain Type: Burning and tingling in toes
Did not relieve discomfort

It just wasn't what I needed

Jamie R.
Pain Type: Arthritis, Frozen Shoulders, Tendonitis
Frozen Shoulders

I do find relief from pain by using Mountain Ice along with my therapy. Most of all, I enjoy the natural ingredients 😀

Pain Type: Back pain and nerve damage pain
Helpful mountain ice

I am still using it and it helps me but not for a long enough period. I have other gel that last me all night yours does not. I have to get up in the middle of the night to put on more. Maybe it is something I am doing wrong not sure.

Donna B.
Pain Type: Severe arthritis in my hands and feet and a recent broken wrist..
Miracle cream

Loved the smell worked wonders in my hand and my healing broken wrist..Also recommended to quite a few people already who have also purchased..Thank u for putting out such good product

Lisa D.
Pain Type: Neck pain, shoulder pain and ankle pain.
Keeping Away from Surgery

Mountain Ice works great and it has helped me manage my pain so that I don’t opt for the last resort of surgery, thanks Mountain Ice!

eva w.
Pain Type: Neuropathy
Mountain ice is amazing pain reliever.

This is my 2 nd order. Tried many other cream nothing work. Your product is a life saver. I can now ware my socks and enclosed shoes again. I use it 3 times a day and it is amazing how much better my feet feels. Neuropathy is very painful have numbness burning. Mountain ice helps all of it.

Linda T.
Pain Type: Foot. Back. Numbness ok both feet and left thigh
I really like it. I had foot surgery in December. Still have apain and a lot of swelling. In add...

Great. It helps soothe my foot a lot.

From the founder

The story how Mountain Ice got backed by science

"Mountain Ice's proprietary formula was over 2 years in the making. It wasn't something we just slapped a label on to get out the door.

We tested over 120+ combinations of ingredients to get the perfect formula to fight pain.

Our goal has always been to take the drug companies by storm with a topical that is more effective than their pills all backed by science and our relentless study of what causes pain."

Martin Zarnock


Support Local

Made and sourced in the USA

We're proud to keep our business local. Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel is made from ingredients sourced right here in the United States and packaged in our Central New York facility.

Our company has always been proud of our roots here in Central New York and we believe in keeping our business as local as possible.

No matter where you are, there's a bottle of Mountain Ice waiting for you.

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