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Vitamin E + Mountain Ice: How Does It Work?

We've covered majority of the ingredients in Mountain Ice so far, but now it's time to take a little in depth look at Vitamin E. What does it do? Why is this ingredient in Mountain Ice? How does it work? Below, we will cover the definition of Vitamin E and answer those questions for you!


Vitamin E Benefits for Skin


We've all heard of how important it is to take our vitamins. We've heard of Vitamin C, D, K, and B, just to name a few. An important vitamin to mention is one that we don't often discuss: Vitamin E. 


Vitamin E is traditionally used for its anti-aging and healing properties. Vitamin E oil can be applied topically or taking in the pill or chewable form. It is a powerful antioxidant that can also be found in many different foods, such as nuts, seeds, barley, and vegetable oils. Significant amounts of Vitamin E can even be found in green, leafy vegetables and fortified cereals.


Vitamin E is known to brighten up the skin to give it a refreshed, healthy, and glowing look. It is commonly known for its anti-aging properties. Underneath the surface though, Vitamin E does so much more for our cells! In short, Vitamin E slows the damage caused to our skin cells and other cells in the body. For this reason, it is now thought to slow down or prevent some diseases.


In addition to the benefits it brings to the skin, Vitamin E also works deep down into the muscles and joints! Vitamin E is known to alleviate muscle soreness and reduce inflammation after exercise - thus, making it a perfect remedy for athletes of all kinds! In speaking with the chemists who tested and researched each ingredient for Mountain Ice, it was determined that Vitamin E was a must have ingredient, as it provides a plethora of healing benefits to the skin and body. 


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