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Healthy Skin Month: How Mountain Ice Eczema Cream Can Help You Avoid Eczema Flareups This Fall

Winter, with its cold, dry air, is commonly cited as the worst season for eczema flareups, but a transitional season like autumn can trigger them as well. It takes careful management to handle flare ups, including awareness of your triggers and finding the right treatment methods, such as Mountain Ice Eczema Cream. Here are ways to keep your skin healthy and avoid eczema flareups this fall!

 Mountain Ice Eczema Cream for Effective Autumn Eczema Relief

1. Moisturize Regularly

This is important every season for managing eczema, but fall weather is prone to sudden shifts in temperature that can dry your skin quickly. The cool air outside may lack humidity, as do warmer indoor temperatures. Much like winter, autumn can lead to dry skin before you realize it.


Make sure you moisturize regularly, using a moisturize that contains ceramides. These lipids are naturally found in your skin and help maintain your hydration and your skin barrier, which prevents irritants from entering. They're also found in reduced amounts during dry seasons, so make sure you counter the dry, cool air by moisturizing right after you're done showering.

2.Use a Humidifier

You might be indoors a lot during the fall, especially if it's cold or rainy. You might consider buying a humidifier to counteract the cold, dry air that can impede your skin's ability to absorb moisture.


Mountain Ice Eczema Cream for Effective Autumn Eczema Relief

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Warmer clothing is a must for fall, but choosing the wrong sweater or jacket can mean overheating or rough, irritating fabrics. Synthetic fabrics with limited breathability like nylon, polyester, and rayon can cause overheating and sweating, which can trigger an eczema flare-up. Light, natural fabrics are your best option, especially in loose-fitting cuts. Cotton, especially 100% with no synthetics blended in, is the most popular choice, but other natural fabrics like silk, hemp, cashmere, and linen are viable alternatives.


If you need heavier, warmer fabrics, try layering! Wear a 100% cotton shirt underneath that wool sweater, or cotton gloves beneath winter gloves on those colder days. Just make sure you're regulating your temperature by taking off layers as necessary and staying hydrated; overheating can trigger flares too, especially if you begin to sweat.


Mountain Ice Eczema Cream for Effective Autumn Eczema Relief

4. Guard Against Indoor Allergens

Autumn air is full of potential irritants, like dust, pollen, and other allergens. If you're spending a lot of time indoors, you might be surrounded by allergens like this, and pet dander as well. Consider getting a HEPA purifier with a carbon filter in your home or workspace to reduce the concentration of irritants in the air, especially if you spend a lot of time in one room.


To further safeguard your home against allergens, you may want to:

  • Keep pets out of your bedroom and home office.
  • Put special covers on mattresses and pillows that guard against dust mites.
  • Remove carpeting from your home.
  • Wash clothes and bedding regularly with a mild, unscented detergent (you may also want to consider an extra rinse cycle to remove any soap residue).

5. Don't Overheat

When the weather gets colder, it's tempting to turn up the heat, but sweating is a major eczema trigger. Keep your home temperature at a reasonable level, make sure to drink plenty of water, remove clothing layers when necessary, and take tepid, rather than hot, showers.


Mountain Ice Eczema Cream for Effective Cold Weather Autumn Fall Eczema Relief

6. Mountain Ice Eczema Cream

Mountain Ice Eczema Cream is an advanced formula that hydrates, restores, and rebalances the lipid layer of the skin. These epidermal lipids play an essential role in the skin's barrier, retaining moisture and protecting against dryness and inflammation. Our formula contains a unique lipid concentrate that moisturizes the skin while repairing the damage caused by harmful irritants. The skin's barrier is vital for healthy skin. Mountain Ice Eczema Cream replenishes and strengthens that barrier.


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