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How Aloe Vera Treats Flare Ups with Mountain Ice Eczema Cream

Aloe Vera, a succulent plant long heralded for its effectiveness in wound care, is a key ingredient in Mountain Ice Eczema Cream. Read on to learn how it can hydrate, soothe, and restore your skin!


Aloe Vera in Mountain Ice Eczema Cream

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

An effective anti-inflammatory substance, aloe vera inhibits cyclooxygenase, an enzyme responsible for inflammation. Many nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), including aspirin and ibuprofen, use the same mechanism for their soothing effects. Studies suggest that the polysaccharides in plants of the aloe genus are responsible for this anti-inflammatory quality, which can help alleviate the inflammation of eczema flare-ups.

Reduced Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress, the imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants, can cause cellular damage resulting in inflammation. Studies suggest that this damage may have a significant role in eczema flare-ups. Antioxidants can prevent oxidative stress, and aloe vera contains numerous polyphenols, antioxidants that help to balance out free radicals and reduce this damage.


Aloe Vera in Mountain Ice Pain Relief Gel

Wound Healing

Multiple studies have indicated aloe vera's effectiveness in wound care, particularly in accelerating the healing process. Numerous substances contained in aloe vera support this function: polysaccharides increase cellular movement, promoting faster tissue regrowth, while glucomannan stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, the most common cell in our connective tissue. Aloe vera helps promote faster healing from wounds and skin damage by promoting faster tissue regrowth.


Aloe vera is high in phytosterols, naturally-occurring plant steroids, which relieve itchiness and irritation while creating a moisture barrier that prevents water loss through the skin.


Ingredients in Mountain Ice Eczema Cream to Prevent Eczema Flare-Ups

Treating Eczema with Mountain Ice Eczema Cream

Mountain Ice Eczema Cream is an advanced formula that hydrates, restores, and rebalances the lipid layer of the skin. These epidermal lipids play an essential role in the skin's barrier, retaining moisture and protecting against dryness and inflammation. Our formula contains a unique lipid concentrate that moisturizes the skin while repairing the damage caused by harmful irritants. The skin's barrier is vital for healthy skin. Mountain Ice Eczema Cream replenishes and strengthens that barrier.


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