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How Chicken Collagen is Used in Mountain Ice Joint & Bone Health Complex

Chicken collagen, renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, is a key ingredient in our new Mountain Ice Bone & Joint Health Complex. Read on to learn how this powerful ingredient works to promote joint and bone health.


Chicken Collagen in Mountain Ice Joint & Bone Health Complex

What is Collagen?

The most abundant protein in our bodies, collagen takes up between 25% to 35% of our protein and is the main component of our connective tissue. Our cartilage, bones, tendons, ligaments, and skin depend on the multiple types of collagen in our connective tissue's extracellular matrix. These various types have numerous medical applications: tissue regeneration, bone grafts, artificial skin for reconstructive surgery, wound dressing and healing, and cosmetic surgery meant to treat everything from skin aging to severe burns. Collagen is one of the key natural resources the body has, and is invaluable in regrowing damaged connective tissue.

The Benefits of Chicken Collagen

Chicken collagen products on the market are typically based on type II collagen, derived from cartilage. This is relevant particularly to osteoarthritis, caused by long-term wear and tear on the cartilage that connects joints. Chicken collagen has been increasingly adopted by osteoarthritis (OA) patients to address joint pain and inflammation, and even rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients have had success taking chicken collagen to reduce joint pain and swelling.


Collagen Used as a Health Supplement

How Does Chicken Collagen Fight Joint Inflammation?

In studies, knee osteoarthritis patients have experienced reduced joint pain and improved mobility after supplementing with native type II collagen for three months. Researchers are still exploring the mechanisms that explain these outcomes, but some studies suggest that it's the result of collagen suppressing signaling proteins in the TNF (tumor necrosis factor) superfamily, which is responsible for initiating inflammatory response. Inflammation has a number of uses in the body, but excessive inflammation can cause pain and long-term damage. By blocking this response, joint swelling in response to friction is reduced, creating less pain.


Chicken collagen's anti-inflammatory qualities don't just affect osteoarthritis; it also has relevance to rheumatoid arthritis patients. Inhibiting inflammatory proteins can help reduce the systemic inflammation that defines autoimmune arthritis. Chicken collagen may even have other anti-inflammatory pathways that may especially be useful in RA cases. Multiple trials suggest that collagen supplementation helps create an "oral tolerance," effectively teaching T-cells (white blood cells trained to recognize and attack specific pathogens, or foreign bodies) to ignore collagen proteins. This prevents these cells from attacking and breaking down collagen in the joints, which stops inflammation before it can start.


Mountain Ice Joint & Bone Health Complex is a unique formulation designed to promote better bone health while increasing joint flexibility and motion. Click here to order today!

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