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How SOLINE BIO Works in Mountain Ice Eczema Cream to Moisturize the Skin

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a group of medical conditions that cause flareups of inflamed, irritated skin. The disease, which affects 35 million Americans, requires careful management including awareness of individual eczema triggers and finding the right treatment methods, such as Mountain Ice Eczema Cream. But how does Mountain Ice Eczema Cream moisturize and repair damage to your skin? Powerful, restorative ingredients like SOLINE® Bio. Read on to learn how it works to restore the skin's barrier.

 Moisturizing SOLINE BIO in Mountain Ice Eczema Cream

How SOLINE BIO Can Moisturize Your Skin

One of the most important things you can do to control your eczema is moisturize your skin. The outermost layer of skin, the stratum corneum, is known as the skin barrier because it prevents irritants from entering, and this layer needs to be moisturized to stay health. Dry, cracked skin is damaged skin, and damaged skin allows irritants in, causing inflammation and flareups.


SOLINE® Bio, an active ingredient of Mountain Ice Eczema Cream, is a concentrate of distilled elements from sunflower oil, rich in moisturizing Vitamin E. Vitamin E doesn't just hydrate your skin, but helps to maintain your cell membrane, providing a barrier to keep moisture in the cell.


A clinical study on the moisturizing effects of SOLINE® Bio showed that after a single application there was an immediate increase in moisturization:

  • 1 hour after application: 48.6% increased moisturization
  • 24 hours after application: 34.2% increased moisturization.

 After 4 weeks of application 2 times a day, a 52% improvement in surface appearance of the skin was observed, including significant improvement in dryness, roughness, and outer-layer skin shedding (desquamation).


Eczema Damaged Skin

How SOLINE BIO Can Prevent Inflammation

This improvement in moisturization doesn't just make for healthier looking skin, but also prevents inflammation. Locking in moisture makes for stronger skin that's more resistant to irritants, which stops inflammation before it starts. But the Vitamin E found in SOLINE® Bio also has powerful anti-inflammatory action, preventing the expression of Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NFκB), a protein complex important in regulating immune response. SOLINE® Bio modulates this protein, inhibiting its activities by 36% in clinical trials, meaning that it doesn't just moisturize but also shuts down pathways to inflammation.

How Lipids Can Prevent Eczema Flareups

SOLINE® Bio doesn't just moisturize, but also stimulates the synthesis of important epidermal lipids like ceramides. But what are lipids? These waxy substances are fatty acids or derivatives, such as cholesterol or the ceramides that you may see advertised on skin care products. In the skin, lipids serve a dual function, both keeping out irritants like allergens and infections, and locking moisture in the skin barrier to prevent it from drying out and cracking. This keeps the skin barrier strong


Research shows that allergic immune response in eczema patients can lead to weaker lipids, through inhibiting the production of the enzymes that lengthen lipid chains. Shorter lipid chains are weaker, meaning they're less able to prevent irritants from entering the skin, and less water repellent, meaning they're less able to keep moisture locked in the skin.


Moisturizing SOLINE BIO in Mountain Ice Eczema Cream

Treating Eczema with Mountain Ice Eczema Cream

Mountain Ice Eczema Cream is an advanced formula that hydrates, restores, and rebalances the lipid layer of the skin. These epidermal lipids play an essential role in the skin's barrier, retaining moisture and protecting against dryness and inflammation. Our formula contains a unique lipid concentrate that moisturizes the skin while repairing the damage caused by harmful irritants. The skin's barrier is vital for healthy skin. Mountain Ice Eczema Cream replenishes and strengthens that barrier.


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