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How Tea Tree Oil Treats Flare Ups in Mountain Ice Eczema Cream

Tea tree oil, long renowned for its effectiveness in wound care, is one of the potent compounds that makes Mountain Ice Eczema Cream so effective. Read on to learn how it can hydrate, soothe, and restore your skin!


Skin Restoring Tea Tree Oil in Mountain Ice Eczema Cream

Skin Care

It's common to find tea tree oil, derived from the leaves of Australia's native Melaleuca alternifolia plant, as a component in topical medications. Its potentially beneficial impact on skin health includes lessening the severity of itching and dryness, oiliness, acne, and of course, eczema.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

  • Tea tree oil's effectiveness in skin care is largely the result of its anti-inflammatory components, which is why many people use it for dry & itchy skin, as well as conditions like acne and eczema. This versatile substance can heal more than just skin conditions, though! Likely due to its high concentration of terpinen-4-ol, tea tree has significant anti-inflammatory properties that can improve recovery from physical exertion as well as reduce soreness afterwards.
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Antioxidant Properties

  • Tea tree oil displays antioxidant activity, which helps to reduce oxidative stress, the imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants. It can cause cellular damage resulting in inflammation, sometimes even as a chronic condition. Tea tree oil contains numerous antioxidants that help to balance out free radicals and reduce this damage.


    Wound Care

    The dry patches resulting from eczema flare-ups often crack, leading to open sores. Tea tree oil is renowned for its effectiveness in healing wounds: studies suggest that tea tree oil may decrease healing time. This means that cracked and broken skin from flare-ups may heal faster when you use tea tree oil!

  • Tea Tree Plant Oil
  • Antifungal Properties

    Eczema patches can become infected when a pathogen enters through open sores or cracked skin at the site of a rash. Tea tree oil may help prevent the spread of these infections! It can kill a wide range of yeasts and fungi, and research suggests terpinen-4-ol can enhance the effectiveness of certain antifungal drugs.

    Antiviral Properties

    Tea tree oil has been indicated for possible effectiveness against some viruses. This has implications on reducing the potential for eczema infections, as viruses are among the pathogens that can enter through broken skin.


    Skin Restoring Tea Tree Oil in Mountain Ice Eczema Cream

    Treating Eczema with Mountain Ice Eczema Cream

    Mountain Ice Eczema Cream is an advanced formula that hydrates, restores, and rebalances the lipid layer of the skin. These epidermal lipids play an essential role in the skin's barrier, retaining moisture and protecting against dryness and inflammation. Our formula contains a unique lipid concentrate that moisturizes the skin while repairing the damage caused by harmful irritants. The skin's barrier is vital for healthy skin. Mountain Ice Eczema Cream replenishes and strengthens that barrier.


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