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Our Top 5 Favorite Things We Always Hear About Mountain Ice

The customer feedback we've received about Mountain Ice has been overwhelming. We shared some testimonials in a recent blog post, but we've gotten so many that we've started to notice some responses were becoming frequent. Here's our Top 5 list of our favorite responses about Mountain Ice!


Better Outcomes


1. "I Prefer All-Natural Products Like Mountain Ice"

Other topical pain relievers utilize compounds found in many common home and industrial products, and many customers are wary of manufactured chemical compounds in a topical gel. Mountain Ice contains safe, all-natural ingredients in its formulation, combining menthol with powerful plants and natural extracts.


2. "It Works So Quickly"

Mountain Ice is formulated to stimulate circulation, which carries the ingredients through the body faster than many people expect. Relief comes in a matter of minutes!


3. "I Can Garden Again"

It's not just gardening! Sometimes it's playing softball, golfing, playing music, or even baking. We take our favorite hobbies for granted, but some people have chronic pain or inflammation so troubling that they can't do the things they love. We're glad that Mountain Ice has helped people get back to the activities that inspire them.


4. "It's a Miracle Worker"

We hear variations on this frequently. From people who are just trying to get through their day comfortably, Mountain Ice has been described as a "lifesaver." Chronic pain and inflammation are disruptive, and they don't follow your schedule. Mountain Ice can help you get your day back on track.


5. "Finally Something Works"

People live for years with chronic pain and inflammation, adapting their entire lifestyles to better manage their condition. The kind of relief people have expressed to us about how Mountain Ice has helped them manage their pain is humbling. We've heard from people with arthritis who, thanks to Mountain Ice, can make a fist for the first time in ages. This is what we designed Mountain Ice to do: make a difference in the lives of people suffering from chronic pain.