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Ingredients in Mountain ice Eczema Cream

Mountain Ice Eczema Cream Features

Benefits of the Ingredients in Mountain ice Eczema Cream

 Collagen Peptide for Skin

Collagen peptide - protein that produces skin renewal, improves elasticity, and aids in the healing process


Hyaluronic acid - retains water in the body providing a surge of moisture to produce plump, supple skin

Turmeric  -powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant used to treat psoriasis and other skin conditions

Kiwi seed oil - contains Vitamin C that improves skin’s appearance, repairing aged, scaly, and blotchy skin

Tea tree oil - antiseptic and antimicrobial that cleanses and prevents bacteria while soothing and healing  

Zinc oxide - main ingredient in calamine lotion which provides immediate itch relief and clears up rashes

Vitamin A - antioxidant that produces collagen which is vital for skin renewal and smooth, youthful skin

Vitamin E - essential oil that protects the moisture barrier, nourishes skin, and provides a healthy glow

Oregano oil - antifungal that reduces bacteria that cause red, swollen skin and prevents inflammation

Aloe vera - antibacterial that provides cool, soothing relief to burns, heals wounds, and moisturizes

Colloidal oatmeal - natural oats that calm and alleviate dermatitis symptoms of flaky, itchy, dry patches